How to Get Girl’s Number Fast (Always Work!)

Can you get any girl’s phone number in a minute? Yes, watch this video.

Can you really use a technique or a trick to get any girl to fall in love with you or sleep with you? Is love just one pick-up line away?  Both pickup artists and psychologists actually think so.

According to Dr. Oesch and Dr. Miklousic from University of Oxford, science do support  the “seduction” techniques of pick-up artists. The three-phase model of human courtship: Attraction,  Comfort and Trust, and Seduction are in fact grounded in solid empirical findings from social, physiological and evolutionary psychology.


1. Attraction

Attraction often happens before any conversations. “We’re biologically designed to fall in love, it’s only natural that we pair up in this world.”, Dr. Carmen Harra writes.  A girl is attracted to a guy because of:

1) his radiant smiles.

2) body languages.

3) hair cut and clothes. and

4) attraction to other girls.


2. Comfort and Trust

Warm and intimate conversations build trust and establish bond. It is said that people with interests are more interesting. Find your passions and things to do beyond working and socializing, and you will greatly increase your ability to have high level small talks with girls. Always be a good listener to a girl.  If you make a girl feel entirely whole, healed and intact, and like a key fit into a lock, you’re her soulmate.


3. Seduction

You’re ready to enjoy countless nights of deep embrace, unraveling the mysteries of the universe one by one. How do you know if a girl wants to sleep with you, or ready to have sex with you too? Here’re a few seduction techniques from dating experts.

1) use causal or social touch.

2) share sexual fantasies.


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