How Many Girls Are There in The Picture?

How many girls have you seen in the picture? The picture was taken by a Swiss photographer Tiziana Vergari. If you look at the arm of the second girl vs. the third girl one has a bracelet and one does not . You’ll notice the mirrors. Then where exactly are the mirrors?


The answer is at the bottom of the page.

To capture the beautiful moments in our live, a digital camera does a much better job than your iPhone.  Point-and-shoot compact cameras are the ones to start with. They are  small and easy to use. The advanced D-SLRs have fully automatic modes, but novices may feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of physical controls. An average point-and-shoot camera typically has a few buttons on the back, so you can adjust shooting settings easily.

When selecting a compact camera, you should pay attention to a few things.

The first thing to look at is the number of megapixels. The good news is that pretty much every camera you can buy these days packs enough megapixels to make large prints.  (say, 20MP).

The next thing you’ll want to look at is the zoom ratio and the focal length that the lens covers. Two cameras may each have a 5x zoom lens, but if the first covers a 24-120mm range and the second covers a 35-175mm range, the former will be better for wide-angle shots and the latter will have a bit of telephoto reach.

You also want to get a model with a good-quality LCD, as it’ll serve as your viewfinder. They are must-haves in today’s world.

Now we’re back to the answer to the visual puzzle. There’re only two girls, and the others are the reflections of the two girls from two parallel mirrors. Are there steps or techniques we can follow to solve the visual puzzles like this? Yes, it’s all in this Solve Visual Puzzle Like a Genius guide.

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  1. sahabuddin choudhury
      June 12, 2016

    only 2

  2. dzingai
      June 20, 2016

    only 2 people with their images reflected and rotation

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