Customer Demands Drive Custom Industrial Manufacturing

When we talk about “the era of the customers”, most people will refer it to customer service. We’re thinking of how the demands of customers have shaped the service industry. If we think deeper we’ll realize that what have been fundamentally changed are the goals and processes of manufacturing. Manufacturing has been around for centuries and will continue to evolve for many years to come.  More than even before, we’re in a customer-driven economy. Custom manufacturing by its very nature seeks to solve the problems of ever-changing customer demands at manufacturing stage.

The wide use of automation in manufacture industry has allowed many companies to produce large amount of quality products in a cost-effective way. While automation has definitely and significantly improved productivity, but those products often don’t meet the unique needs of the individual customers. Each customer has his/her unique needs and preferences for many products. This is where custom industrial manufacturing come to change the manufacturing processes in a customer-driving economy. Custom industrial manufacturing can produce large quantities of unique product for a specific customer or client by manipulating the product designs on the fly.  In a well-designed and engineered custom manufacturing line, a unique new product is just a matter of setting different values for manufacturing parameters..

Six Sigma is one of the most common and widely used standards for custom manufacturing. It improves the manufacturing processes and making the business more efficient on all levels. It can also be applied to any functional department of the business, and works well with business of different size.


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