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How Many Girls Are There in The Picture?


How many girls have you seen in the picture? The picture was taken by a Swiss photographer Tiziana Vergari. If you look at the arm of the second girl vs. the third girl one has a bracelet and one does not . You’ll notice the mirrors. Then where exactly are the mirrors?   The answer […]

How Many Ounces Does Teapot B Hold?


If teapot A holds 32 ounces of tea, about how many ounces does teapot B hold?     The answer is at the bottom of the page. Are there steps or techniques we can follow to solve the visual puzzles like this? Yes, it’s all in this Solve Visual Puzzle Like a Genius guide.  By […]

What Number is This Car Parked in?


What number is this car parked in? The puzzle is from a math test for fifth graders. Are you smarter than a fifth grader? The answer is at the bottom of the page. I want to share a few tips to reduce the cost of your car insurance while you’re here. 1. Do an annual […]

Solve Visual Puzzles Like a Genius

A visual puzzle is often intriguing because it was intentionally designed to lead you to the wrong direction of thinking and trap your thoughts into a box. You should always have a second thought on the first idea you come up with, and think out of the box. We’ll look at 3 interesting visual puzzles.   […]