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Sally Ride, a Heroine To Remember

Sally Ride in a heroine to remember. Born in Los Angeles on May 26, 1951, she came from a family of strong and barrier-breaking women — a mother who devoted her life to working with women in prison and a sister who was a pioneering minister. She joined NASA in 1978 and became the first American […]

The Amazing Things That Taylor Swift Has Done For Her Fans Are a Beautiful Song You Want to Hear It 1989 Times More

1. Taylor had FaceTimed lovely 4-year-old Jalene Salinas for 20 minutes. One of Jalene’s biggest dreams on her buck list was to dance “Shake if off” with Taylor Swift when she found out that she had terminal brain cancer.   2. Be insulted on social media? Taylor will  be on your side. Read more […]

5 Best Places to Celebrate New Year 2015


1. The G34.3 gas cloud, in the constellation Aquila, will serve 400 trillion trillion pints of beer for 2015 new year party. It’s 10,000 light year away from us. A few wormholes will be open this new year eve so we can get there in time. pinterest   2.  When the ball illuminated by 32,256 PLR […]