Baby Shower Surprises – First Glance at Parenthood

It was after my baby shower that I actually began to panic. I had made a registry for my baby gifts and had so much fun browsing online and in the stores for the cutest little outfits and tiny little toys. Some guests bought me the miniature shoes and the precious blankets I registered for and some guests got me things that weren’t on my registry. That was when I secretly started freaking out. I had no idea I would actually need some of these things and that made me start worrying about everything else once the baby came. At first I had no idea what this gift was; it turned out to be a basket for bottle nipples, rings, and pacifiers to be washed in the dishwasher. The guest who got this for me said it was a life saver and I would use it every day. It honestly didn’t even cross my mind about bottle washing! Save my life? I didn’t even know how to open the thing! I started to realize I was opening gifts that weren’t on my registry more so than not. I got towels and washcloths, something I didn’t think to register for. A bottle warmer and a diaper pail; again something I didn’t add to the registry. So instead of a wardrobe full of tiny little clothes and shoes, I was getting the technical stuff that made me feel like I was a bad mom before I even gave birth! I didn’t know about the diaper pail refills or a drying rack for bottles. So, in my diluted pregnant mind, I was going to have wet bottles that weren’t properly washed and diapers that went into an empty pail. It was around the time of the sippy cups and cradle cap kit and the pacifier carrier that I really lost it.


I quietly excused myself once all my gifts were opened and broke down in my mother’s bedroom. My mom came in as she knew something was wrong; another thing I was probably missing, mother’s instinct! I began venting at a mile a minute to my mom about how my kid wouldn’t have the pacifier carrier to keep it clean and how I didn’t even know what cradle cap was and why I needed this stuff for it. With a little sympathetic giggle she asked me one question… what was the one thing each guest who got me these things have in common? They were all moms! She explained to me that they probably had all registered for the fun stuff too and had no idea they would need these things. She said it was like a blessing to have friends like them to give me these things that one day I couldn’t live without. To give me gifts of items that would help be the best mom I could be. She also admitted she couldn’t work the diaper pail either which made me feel so much better. I realized that I was overreacting to say the least. I was going to be a new mom; this was all brand new to me, so of course I wanted all the fun, tiny, cute things for my baby.

It was a gift in itself to have friends like mine to ensure I had these things that they were probably missing at the beginning and would’ve made their lives a little easier. I felt confident after my baby shower that I was going into this new territory loaded with everything I would need and probably one too many outfits. And to be honest, I did use that dishwasher rack basically everyday and it did save my life as it made keeping the bottles clean really easy. That is actually something I give as part of my gift at every baby shower I go to as I know how useful it is going to be, I just hope it doesn’t begin a panic rollercoaster like it did for me.

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