The Amazing Things That Taylor Swift Has Done For Her Fans Are a Beautiful Song You Want to Hear It 1989 Times More


Taylor had FaceTimed lovely 4-year-old Jalene Salinas for 20 minutes. One of Jalene’s biggest dreams on
her buck list was to dance “Shake if off” with Taylor Swift when she found out that she had terminal brain cancer.




Be insulted on social media? Taylor will  be on your side. Read more on buzzfeed



When Taylor had spotted on Tumblr that one of her Swifties, Jill Ralke, was going to be attending the Grammys, she tracked Jill down and they met. Jill said “It made me feel like the luckiest person in the world.”




On Valentine’s Day, Taylor invited Sophie and her whole family to her NYC apartment, and they baked cookies, made flower crowns, and took selfies. Taylor even played her “Wildest Dreams” on the piano.




“Taylor swift gave a dumped fan a breakup playlist and the best advice ever”



Taylor surprised Gena Gabrielle, a superfan of her, for her bridal shower.

When Taylor Swift super fan Gina Gabrielle invited the singer to her bridal shower, she was bummed to find out that Tay just couldn't make it. But not one to disappoint her fans, Taylor realized that she did indeed have time to make it to the shower and planned the most amazing surprise of all time. Not only did Taylor crash the bridal shower, she brought Gina some amazing wedding gifts, including tons of baking supplies and a hand-painted picture. And to top it all off, Taylor filmed the entire thing and made a super cute vlog.



Taylor Swift writes a check for $1,989 to help superfan Rebekah Bortnicker pay student loans.



Taylor surprised  Leyton and  his mom by showing up at their house with a pint-size Mercedes Christmas present.

Taylor had been in contact with Leyton's mom for a few years, and TSwift decided to surprise them both by showing up at their house with Christmas presents. Her amazing gifts were too big to ship, so she decided to just bring them herself instead!




Taylor Swift gave fan $90 for birthday burritos when she stumbled upon a group of her fans taking a boat ride in Central Park.



“Imagine what you would do if you met Taylor Swift. Now imagine what you would do if she PHOTOBOMBED your school picture sesh.” seventeen

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