5 Best Places to Celebrate New Year 2015

1. The G34.3 gas cloud, in the constellation Aquila, will serve 400 trillion trillion pints of beer for 2015 new year party. It’s 10,000 light year away from us. A few wormholes will be open this new year eve so we can get there in time.




2.  When the ball illuminated by 32,256 PLR LED lights are cheered by the people of 32,256 heritages at New York City, The Time Square will be joining the party at G34.3.

New Years Eve Times Square Ball Drop GIF



3. The home is a place connected to anywhere you want to be. Don’t forget to look out of your windows.

A family friendly New Years Eve party can still be lots of fun!



4. Do you know that distance disappears at new year eve.





5. Your new year celebration is a sweet dream.


Good Night Sweet Dreams HD Wallpaper



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