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The Seduction Techniques He Uses to Get 15 Hot Women a Week

He sleeps with 15 hot women a week. He has 120,000 students world-wide. He hosts live radio show “Game On” that offers dating advice for men. He had made  appearances on several TV programs. He’s been interviewed by a few magazines too. He is dating guru Joshua Pellicer.  Joshua  used to be a shy guy who feel […]

Why Nice Guys Finish Last in Love?

You’re a really nice guy and you do everything for the girl you love, but she ignored you and left you for an inferior man. Why?   1) Nice people do not make their partners invest. They don’t feel you’re valuable. 2) By being nice all the time, they actually encourage others to treat them […]

The Secrets To Attract Women Revealed


Can you really get any hot girls you want in the fact that you’re old, bold, fat, and not a millionaire? Yes, The internationally-famed dating guru Jason Capital reveals the secrets to attract women in Make Women Want You. Listen to Jason’s true story in this free webinar.     1. He stole a girlfriend […]