10 Reasons Why Younger Women Date Older Men

Many middle-aged men love to enter a relationship with women in their 30s or 20s. Deep in their heart, the men are still young. Not every younger woman wants to date a mature man, but there’re many younger women prefer older men than younger guys for many reasons.  Your money or your house are not the primary reasons. According to a recent Cupid survey:

1. A younger woman doesn’t want to be changed

A mature wan will appreciate a younger woman that she’s grown to become, while a younger guy will try everything to change everything about her.

2. You’re sexually experienced

An older man knows how to take good care of a lady. Dating guide Make Women Want You will teach you everything from seduction, conversation and having good time in bed. You really need to match your dating and sexual experience with your age.

3. Incredibly sexy

Some younger women find that it’s incredibly sexy when there are a lot of people stare them in the public.

4. Adventurous

It’s more adventurous to date a mature man.

5. Boosts her confidence

It boosts her confidence to conquer an old man than to a young man.

6. Good Communicator

An older man won’t screw things up in a stupid way like most young men do.

7. The wisdom says opposites attract

You two know different movies, TV shows and songs.

8. Old look is damn hot

Some girl find the distinguished and sophisticated old look is damn hot.

9. She always feel young

A woman in her 30s will always feel young with a man of 10 or 20 years older, while she feel old with a guy of her similar age.

10. Feel more protected

In a dangerous situation, a girl’ll feel more protected with an older man than with a younger man.

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